The following circuits are wanted by the librarian;




681, 1131, 1138, 1372, 1627

Kolster Brandes

BR20, CG20, CG20S, DR15, EG35, EG50M, EG50TM, ER10, ER15, FB10/2, FP11, FP151, FR15, LG30, LG35, LR10, LR10FM, LR15, LR30, MP151, NG20/1, NR30/1, OB10, OG10, PB10FM


BC448, BC4650, BC4650L, BC4758B, BC4850L, BC4962, BC4967, BC5639, BC5445, BC6343


T161, T164, T205, T216, T217, T221, TU169


ARG14, ARG19A, ARG23AE, ARG23AT, ARG49A, P20BX, R70B, R70M, RG11A, T10AW, T11DA/B, T11DA/G, T18DAX, T23DAT, T36A, T69DA


TU192, TU196, TA226, A2, A5, A24, A40C, A100, A102R, A130, A168M, A172R, A182R, A182, A182K, A188, A212, A242, A242R, A252, A262, A262R, A272, A272C, A362, A372, A492R, B141, B229, B283, BU182, BU183U, BU183A


TA, TR, 40T, 41T, 42T, 42TC, 51T, 52T, 52TC, 201X, 230R, 400T, 401T, 402